"I love listening to Circus Music. Just saying the words 'Circus Music' makes me happy!" (Dad Round)



"The person who actually 'does it their way' never says 'I did it my way'.  Dad not only 'did it his way', but I never 'saw him bite off more than he could chew'."

Dad Round

August 21, 1937 - November 23, 2001







A Remarkable Event

Partnered with CureSearch - an organization that supports targeted and innovative children's cancer research.



The Origin of the Site

When Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2000, he could no longer make trips to Kansas City and Omaha to see his four northern grandchildren. THEROUNDFAMILY.com was created to show pictures. This was mostly before digital cameras, so pictures were taken with a regular camera, printed at a photo shop, taken to Kinkos, and then scanned - at $1 / picture!



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Baby Jack!

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The Bertins


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